Autumn Adventure

Let The Autumn Adventure Begin!

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Grace Heritage Ranch in the fall.  For two months, we open our ranch for fun-filled weekends.  Bring the whole family to enjoy hayrides, the pumpkin patch, games, activities, food, animals, animals, and more animals!! Ready. Set. Play! Join us as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Curious George!




A World of Animals

Our 2017 Autumn Adventure has a world of animals for you to meet and greet. Walk the self-guided path through our homestead ranch where you can feed* and interact with our amazing animals!



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DSC_1093 (1)
Ewes Jacob Sheep (1)

Tour 12-27-14 AM (9) (Large)


  • Come meet Harley, Henry, and Heidi – our Vietnamese potbellied pigs!
  • Adorable long-haired French Angora rabbits will be here!
  • Pet and feed the Jerusalem donkeys – Mercy, Faith, Hope, Love, and Joy.  Maybe Justice and Liberty will be around too!!
  • They love the Apple Slingshot!
  • Feed some of our rare San Clemente Island goats!
  • Meet our two and four-horned Middle Eastern Jacob sheep!!
  • Our Australian chickens, American turkeys, and Indian peafowl are always looking for treats!
  • Get a glimpse of our beautiful Peruvian alpacas!
  • Did someone say fajitas?  Feed our American Milking Devon cattle!
  • Don’t forget to take a photo with our snake Kaa, a 6-foot South American Red Tail boa!
  • And don’t leave out Boris the Texas tarantula, Bamboot the Asian scorpion, or our Madagascar Hissing cockroaches!

*feed is available for purchase to feed the animals

Active and Engaged





A little friendly competition never hurt anybody!

  • Smack your way to victory at Tetherball
  • Chuck bags for points in Corn Hole Toss
  • Ascend the Hay Bales to be king of the Pyramids
  • Roll a pumpkin, clobber the pins in Pumpkin Bowling
  • Gain new ground in a Tug-of-War
  • Sharpen your aim and maybe win a prize at the Apple* Slingshots
  • Take a break while the kids swing, slide, and climb at the playground
  • Bust a bouncy “bronc”at the Hippity-Hop Corral
  • Challenge a friend to a meeting of the minds at the giant Tic-Tac-Toe Boards
  • Ready for the Rodeo? Rope a few hay bale “steer”
  • Strike the ball at the Ping-Pong Tables.  Best 3 out of 5 wins the match
  • Volleyball anyone?
  • Release your inner artist on our huge outdoor Chalkboards
  • Jump in the Sack Race and head for the finish line

*apples for slingshot available for purchase

Pumpkin Patch


Seriously, our Pumpkin Patch is a blast!   You won’t find them growing on the vine, but there are hundreds of pumpkins to choose from.  Set out on a quest to find just the perfect pumpkins to take home – pumpkins to decorate, pumpkins for pies, pumpkins to carve, and pumpkins to paint.  Find your prize, and don’t forget to take lots of pics along the way!!



Take a minute to relax.  Grab a seat on the GHR hayride and enjoy an informative, shaded ride through the native Tamaulipan Thorn Scrub and past some of the activities.

Food Court


Come meet Juan, our awesome cook!  Savor the aroma of his hot dogs, burgers, or chicken on the grill!  He and his family will bless you with their kindness and fill your mouth with good food!


75th anniversary of Curious George



*or at the gate

Dates and Times

Fall weekends – October through November

2017 – October 21st through November 25th

Saturdays from 10am to sunset

Sundays from 12pm to sunset

Prices (online or at the gate)

General admission:  $10.00

Seniors (60+):  $9.00

Children (2 and under):  Free

note: sales tax will be added to the above prices.

Field Trips

Students:  $8.00

School Staff:  $8.00

Bus Drivers: Free

Parents on their own:  $10.00

Reservations required and can be Tuesdays thru Fridays from 9am to noon or from noon to 3pm

The minimum number for a field trip group is 25 paid admissions

The contact person will please be responsible to pay for the entire group in one transaction

REMEMBER to check the weather before your scheduled field trip. Our business depends on weather.  If it is raining or the grounds are too muddy, we will not open and will do our best to reschedule. We will be in contact with you to reschedule if need be.

No discounts or coupons on field trip days

note: there is an extra fee for the apple slingshots.  


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