Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties at Grace Heritage Ranch

You supply guests and the cake.  We’ll take care of the rest!!

Parties are 2 hours long.  You also have ½ hour before to set up and ½ hour after to take down for a total of 3 hours in the party space!  An attendant will meet you upon arrival and be available in the party area throughout your party should you need them.  Your party area includes our 2,000 square foot three-sided metal barn and the fenced area around it.  The first hour, is your celebration hour.  This is the time for food, cake, games, and visiting with your guests.  The second hour is the guided tour of the animal area which includes animal feed.

What’s in a Party Package?

  • Cowboy / Cowgirl hat and bandana for the birthday child
  • Bandana for each child
  • Two 6-count, western theme helium balloon bouquets
  • Piñata filled with candy
  • Decorated table for your cake and gifts
  • Paper lunch plates, dessert plates, and napkins
  • Plastic forks, spoons, and cups


12 person Party:

  • Three large peperoni or cheese pizzas
  • Two 2-liter bottles of soda

25 person Party:

  • Six large peperoni or cheese pizzas
  • Five 2-liter bottles of soda

Private Use of Barn:

  • Picnic table seating
  • Electricity
  • Stereo receiver for music
  • Video projector for video or slideshow (be aware it will be harder to see if your party is during the daytime hours)
  • One port-a-potty type restroom
  • Trash cans and bags will be provided. Please clean up your area before you leave

The barn offers rain and shade cover only.  We also cannot refrigerate any food you bring.


  • Piñata
  • Large 4′ x 8′ chalkboard face board (3 holes) to create your personal birthday memories
  • Large picture frame for birthday pics
  • Sack Races
  • Giant Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Hay bale roping arena

Guided animal tour:

  • One cup of cattle feed per person
  • One cup of donkey feed per person
  • One cup of chicken and turkey feed per person
  • One cup of goat feed per person

Children and adults will get an opportunity to pet and feed an assortment of people friendly farm and ranch animals if they wish to.  Please make your attendant aware of any guest who wants to opt out of the animal tour, follow directions, and use courtesy and common sense around the animals.

Optional Add On

Creepy Crawler Package:

For an additional $25, you can add our Creepy Crawler package.  Get up close and personal; even pose for pictures with some of these animals:

  • Six-foot long, Red-tailed, Boa Constrictor
  • Ribbon and Checkered Garter snakes
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  • Asian Forrest Scorpion
  • Texas Brown Tarantula

Further Details

You are welcome to come ½ hour early to decorate the barn area with any of your own decorations.  We will decorate one picnic table with tablecloth, birthday banner and balloon bouquets – all ready for your cake and gifts.  Plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and cups will also be provided.

All parties must begin and end promptly at their scheduled times.  An additional charge of $25 per half hour (or part thereof) or $50 per hour will be added to your bill if you stay in your party area beyond your reserved time.  Ask us; if our schedule permits, we can add these prices in to lengthen your party at time of booking.

We are an outside attraction.  Please have a back-up plan!  Due to inclement weather, cancellations might occur.  You will have the option to re-book your party at the next available open party date.  If we have to cancel due to weather and there is not an optional date available, the party deposit will be refunded.

Please call 956-230-6902 to schedule your next birthday party with Grace Heritage Ranch!!

Package A

Price:  $340 plus tax (6.25%) for up to 12 guests. There is no discount if you have less than 12 people.  For a child’s party, adults are not counted towards the 12 guest limit.

Additional Guests:  A fee of $8 will be added for each guest over the limit of 12.

Package “A” includes one 36″ piñata with 2 1/2  pounds of candy

Additional 36” candy-filled piñata:  $20.

10 day notice needed.

Package B

Price:  $425 plus tax (6.25%) for 25 guests.  We have a maximum of 25.  For a child’s party, adults are not counted towards the 25 guest limit.

Package “B” includes one 50″ piñata or two 36″ piñatas with a total of 5 pounds of candy

10 day notice needed.


A $100 non-refundable deposit (except rain related) is required at time of booking to hold your reservation and will be applied to your final amount.  The balance is due the day of the party. Your date will not be confirmed until the deposit is received.