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  • Can schools and other groups visit during the week?
  • Yes! We do have private times available for groups of 15 or more on an appointment basis for public and private schools, homeschools, clubs, special needs, boy and girl scouts, families, church groups, senior citizens, etc.  We can custom tailor for any age group.  To make arrangements visit our Contact Us page.  If your group is going to be more than 15 minutes late, please call to confirm your arrival at 956-230-6902.  If you are more than 30 minutes late we will need to reschedule for another day.  It’s our goal to share a positive homesteading experience with your group in a fun, hands on learning environment.  We welcome your group to join our family at the ranch here in beautiful Willacy County.
  • Do you have other educational opportunities?
  • Yes!  GHR strongly believes in the importance of education.  At this time, we offer the Boy Scout Animal Science Merit Badge, Girl Scout Animal Habitat and Animal Helpers Merit Badges, (link) and school Field Trips (link).  We strive to make hands-on learning opportunities that are fun for everyone so that your experience here will not be one soon forgotten.  If you are interested in learning about a certain aspect of Grace Heritage Ranch, we do accept volunteers for hands-on learning.
  • Do you allow pictures?
  • Definitely!! You’ll be disappointed if you forget your camera.  Some people also like to carry binoculars to help identify birds or other animals they might see.  All photographs and videos are for your memories only and are NOT allowed to be sold or used in any way for monetary gain without permission.
  • What should I wear?
  • Excellent question!  Flip flops, sandals, and high heels are a bad idea.  You will need to wear close-toed walking shoes or boots and jeans or other weather appropriate clothes.  We also suggest hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  It is recommended to be prepared and bring a jacket and an extra pair of shoes to keep in the car in case it is too cool or windy for you upon arrival or muddy on the day of your visit.
  • What if it rains?
  • We are an outdoor location and rain on the day of, or even the day before you plan to come out, can be a spoiler.  The amount of rain and when we get it will determine if GHR will be open or not.  If weather seems like it will be a factor, please check weather conditions and notices on the website the day of your visit or call Brian’s cell phone number 956-230-6902.
  • Do you have restrooms available?
  • Yes!!
  • Is this self-guided?
  • No, because GHR is a REAL working homestead and ranch.  As such, we have a variety of equipment, animals, and areas which require your attention and respect.  Some of these are open to you while others are private.  During your visit, at least one of our family members will be acting as your instructor. Please direct all questions and concerns to them, and follow all instructions accurately.  We expect you to be attentive, stay together, follow directions, and act responsibly at our ranch.
  • How may we interact with the animals?
  • Our animals are cared for by our family on a daily basis.  We love them.  They are quite friendly, and almost all of them enjoy being pet or given a back rub. You will also be able to feed the animals.  Each paid admission will receive appropriate animal food.  Please be aware that some of our animals can kick and/or bite, and others are too young, small, or are in a confined area and cannot protect themselves from danger or accident.  It is mandatory that you respect the animals at all times!  Please DO NOT PICK UP OUR ANIMALS.  Listen to your instructor and follow their directions so the time you spend with the animals is safe and fun for both of you.
  • Do you provide child care or play areas?
  • We try to gear activites to the interests and understanding of those in the group to ensure everyone has as much fun visiting us as we do having you visit. However, when visiting GHR you are required to have reasonable adult supervision (parent or guardian, teacher, chaperone, or supervisor) to safely and effectively manage all minors in your group.  While we do not mandate what that should be, we reserve the right to determine when something represents a problem for us and take corrective action, including ending an event or asking someone to leave.  You, as the adult parent or supervisor, need to keep all children close at hand, oversee their activities at all times, and watch for their safety around others, our buildings, our animals, and active and stationary vehicles and equipment.  We work hard to provide and maintain a clean and safe environment at GHR, including hand washing stations with antibacterial solution and gel.  However, this is a working ranch, and you are responsible to ensure that all children in your group engage in safe practices after touching or feeding animals, when engaging in the hands on activities, and before and after any exposure to food or snacks.
  • What about alcohol and smoking?
  • There is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the tours.
  • Finally, may we bring our dog?
  • We love dogs, but only working service animals are allowed.

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Who owns GHR?

We are family owned and operated

Some family members live on the ranch, others live off

Brian and Mary Schalk have six children, two in-laws, and two grandchildren

How large is GHR?

Original 100 acres purchased in 2010

An additional 60 acres was purchased in 2015

How long has GHR been open?

We began our Homestead tours in December of 2013

Our first Autumn Adventure season was the fall of 2016

Our venue for birthday parties began in 2017