Field Trips

Field Trips at Grace Heritage Ranch, Rio Grande Valley TX

We understand the importance of education.  Grace Heritage Ranch began with developing teaching and instruction for our own children 25 years ago.  We’ve attended State-sponsored workshops designed to help educators teach children about agriculture, conservation, and animals.  Students love our outdoor classroom because they enjoy the experience while learning.

School trips in Rio Grande ValleyGHR field trips focus on three learning modalities:

1. Auditory (hearing, speaking)
2. Visual (seeing, reading)
3. Kinesthetic (touch, do, draw, write)

Grace Heritage Ranch offers the opportunity for students to involve their senses and use of each of these modalities to experience the ranch with hands-on opportunities.  Students become more aware of the world around them as they learn that people drink milk from cows, goats and other animals.  A whole new world is opened up as they try their hand at milking a goat.  Our guided tour communicates the importance of agriculture and offers students real life experiences about homesteading though interaction with heritage animals, gardening, honeybees, and spinning fibers.

Our Homestead Tour – Tailored Tours

Field trips in Rio Grande ValleyPre-Kindergarten to High School, come out to laugh, learn, and experience Grace Heritage Ranch.  We can tailor your tour to your student needs, current studies, and grade level.

Field trips in Rio Grande ValleyRegular tours are about 2 ½ hours long, but shorter tours can be requested.  Our picnic tables seat at least 55 students and their lunches.

We accommodate large groups by splitting them into smaller groups, changing our tour for learning “stations” that smaller groups rotate through.

School trips in Rio Grande ValleyThe tour rate is $7.00 per person (student/teacher/chaperone). Bus drives are not charged to join the tour.

For complete tour information, 
click here to view our detailed Homestead Tour page.

Dates and Times


Mornings or afternoons

All year round


$7.00 per person – Homestead Tour (student/teacher/chaperone)

$8.00 per person – Autumn Adventure (student/teacher/chaperone)

Bus drivers are free

$10.00 for non-chaperone adults who want to join the tour

$8.00 for siblings not part of the class (ages 3-17)

Important Information

You are welcome to pack a lunch to stay and eat before or after the tour

We accept purchase orders, checks, and cash