Homestead Tour with Lunch

Lunch and Tour Package

This meal fits our theme and helps accentuate the atmosphere here at Grace Heritage Ranch.  It is our  2 ½ hour Standard Homestead Tour with catered lunch provided in the barn on picnic tables either before or after your tour.

“The music and culture of northern Mexico are many times referred to as Norteno, a term that simply means “northern”. Although the Rio Grande River serves as an international boundary for the United States and Mexico, South Texas is considered part of “norteno culture.” – Dishes from the Wild Horse Desert by Melissa Guerra.

The Wild Horse Desert, or “South Texas” as it is now known, is home to a unique culinary culture based on northern Mexican cooking, but influenced by Anglo settlers.  Our lunch menu consists of historically authentic recipes from the early days of settlement in this area.  They are taken from the book Dishes from the Wild Horse Desert, Norteno cooking of South Texas by Melissa Guerra. These are foods that give this region its unique flavor!!

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Dates and Times

Private tours for groups of 15 or more:

January through May
Weekdays by reservation only
Schedule your meal time when reservations are made


$27.00 per person includes tour and meal

Lunch Menu

  • Carne Guisada (beef stew)
  • Nopalitos Cactus Bread (corn bread with cactus)
  • Rajas de Chile (roasted poblano chile peppers)
  • Arroz Con Leche (rice with milk)
  • Tea or water