Homesteading. Self-sustainability. Gardening. Natural living. Do-it-yourself. Prepping for natural disasters. Raising livestock. Are these things that interest you? If so, then come join us as we learn about a homesteading lifestyle.

What is Homesteading?

The term seems to have changed over the years, but we understand it to mean a lifestyle that promotes greater self-sufficiency. It’s about learning practical skills such as food preservation through canning and dehydrating. Homesteading also brings in the idea of being intentional in making choices that will improve the quality of life for your family. Often it’s the “old-fashioned” ways of doing things, but which are still quite applicable to us today.

We’ve learned a lot in the past several years of our changing lifestyle, and we hope to pass that along to you…both our success and failures. Much of what we have to discuss will be from a rural setting, since that is where we live – in rural Willacy County, Texas down on the southern tip. However, we will also share ideas that pertain to those living in the city. Homesteading can be applied to urban and suburban settings, as well as rural acreage.

This is not about fear-based survivalism and living away from society. It’s not about selfishness, hoarding, and a “me-first” mentality. It’s about living in a community. It’s a lifestyle not of total independence, but inter-dependence with other people.

Successful Homesteader

In order to be a successful homesteader, one must learn homesteading skills, and that’s what we’ll be writing about. We’ll cover topics such as gardening, food preservation, food products, beekeeping, tree care, animal husbandry, native plants and animals, building projects, and many other things.